The New G-Series Electric AC Powered Reach Truck

Heli CQD16 / CQD20 AC Electric Powered Reach Truck

The Heli CQD reach truck range has been redesigned and will maintain the highest standards of safety, productivity, driveability and durability, to drive down cost in your business. This product has become increasingly popular with warehouse and distribution operations, ideally designed for working in racking and lifting to high levels and for storing fast moving products in as little space as possible. The CQD20-GB2S, CQD20-GC2S & CQD16-GB2S are available now.

  • Various battery and charger options
  • 1600kg or 2000kg capacities
  • 33 Different Mast Options
  • 4600mm – 9500mm Lift Height Options for the 1.6t
  • 4600mm – 12500mm Lift Height Options for the 2.0t
  • Fingertip Control Options available
  • Clearview & Full Free Lift Triplex Mast Options
  • 48v AC electronic control system
  • EPS electric AC power steering, which offers easier operation, high effiency and low noise
  • Long Term Warranty
  • Redesigned and upgraded to be inline with the Heli G2 range of trucks